So I asked Twindaddy who he was gonna write with for my 1 year blogging anniversary and he said…me!!!!   Well kind of he did…I don’t think he was going to do it but I made him lol.  If you have some poetry you want to feature…preferably duets… don’t forget to link them up to my Celebration post 🙂  I will feature them all on April 25th!  Get crackin’


Written by TwinDaddy and HastyWords

We’ve been talking forever

The time has come

We’ll soon be face to face

I’m coming undone


My pulse quickens

My heartbeat erratic

Butterflies in my stomach

Sweating profusely


Anticipation intense

I begin to pace

I need to breath

I need to think


It is all so easy

To type the words

To say how I feel

Away from eyes


The time draws near

My mind wanders

Will you like me in person?

Will I scare you away?


A glass of wine

I methodically sip

To calm the nerves

Then you arrived


I watched you enter

And got lost in your eyes

The smile they possessed

Magically calmed me


I rose from my chair

And with a smile on my face

The familiarity of you

Granted me confidence


Your stunning smile

Your warm embrace

Your intoxicating aroma

Your electric touch


Sensory overload

Uncaged excitement

Flying high

Mesmerized by you


Subconscious quiet

I am eager to listen

To hear the voice

Behind cozy words


The way you talk

How you use your hands

The way your eyes dart

Before landing on mine


Your eyes sparkle

Like a crystal in sunlight

Your lips quiver

Awaiting first kiss


I gently lean in

Press my lips to yours

I feel your exotic warmth

Enjoy your sweet taste


I feel your hands

Holding my face

Asking for more

In this public place


Senses overwhelmed

I break the kiss

And whisper in your ear

“Let’s get out of here”


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