Yesterday, I was sick.  Stuck in bed and to put it nicely, I was cranky.  I don’t like being sick…wasting time.  But PassionWriting and Think.Speak.Tryst.  both kept me entertained with writing.  I love you girls and am glad we are becoming such good friends.  This poetic duet is by the beautiful Jen LeFever with Think.Speak.Tryst. and me.


Written by Think.Speak.Tryst. and HastyWords

I sit angry in a cloud of fumes

Hatred trying to tempt me

Walking the hallways in my mind

Stirring up mischief with my memories

The darkness cloaks my heart

Shielding it from any kind of warmth & light

That which it needs, so desperately

A single, silent tear falls to the floor

A single wet spot left alone to dry

Without a home, exposed, and cold

It mimics the feelings I hide inside

That single tear calling for reason

Calling in the absence of the air

 In the thickness of this emptiness

Familiar pain inside my soul

Is the catalyst for my tears

Anger subsides and I leave it alone

For another day, to re-visit

What am I aching for

Bleeding strength in all the wrong places

Without the anger, without the tears

The thick, heavy emptiness screams

Pushing me to the brink

Begging me for a reaction

Trying its damned best

 To reignite a passion long-lost, long forgotten

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