I can honestly say I am in love with how this duet turned out!

Written by SageDoyle and Hastywords

As we look into the horizon

Flames lick at our eyes

Burning passion blazing

Winding passages in our heads

And we know the fervent landscape

Laying long and vast before us

Inflaming ardor, pulsing further

Rushing harder through our blood

Our inner compass spinning

Directions mapped upon our bodies

The deepest valleys rise to meet us

And the open sky falls at our feet

Where we stand prominent and proud

Prepared to forge on, press on

We are unstoppable, growing salacious

As the venture lures us forward

The rays of sun bake our warming skin

Moonlit nights call to reflect our sins

Nothing but content with nature

And the maturity she resurrects within

Appealing to him, imparting upon him

To honor her extending vows

As he heightens their devotion

Never to rest until she has a perfect world



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