Don’t do ‘em…well unless you are like me and then take them….please.  I am fairly sure that is what my husband would be telling you right now.  I made a few people’s lives fairly miserable, always doubting, never trusting, not communicating, and withdrawing from life.  Now that I can see more clearly, logically, it all seems so abstract.  I have been seeing a Psychiatrist and a Therapist and have been doing so well I think it is just a short matter of time before I put all this nonsense I put myself (and everyone else) through behind me.  I guess my point is… I don’t know why I didn’t admit and seek the right kind of help sooner.

My husband may not have an eloquent way with words, in fact other than a few grunts here and there he speaks mainly jibberish, but he had to put up with a lot.   I appreciate how much he has tried to be the loving husband and father through a whole bunch of emotional piss I put him through.  Well, he deserved some things but mostly he is just a good guy and I am lucky to be his wife.  My friends, I have a few really good ones.  I know which ones they are because we are still friends.  I can count the ones who would drop everything for me on one hand.  They are the ones I can go months without seeing but still think of me and ask how I am.  They are the ones that ask if I have time for coffee or just call to talk.  My best friend is the one I have learned the most from and besides my husband has helped me understand my issues and patiently helped me overcome them.


Do them they are good for you.  My blogger friends mean a lot.  I started this blog as an outlet for all the thoughts and emotions in my head.  I came to realize there are people out there who actually read what I write.  That like what I write.  Not only does this blow me away but it inspires me and gives me unimaginable self-confidence to continue just being me.  Very freeing.  It has sparked a very productive passion for writing and whether I ever become good at it or not I am in love with it.  It has helped me be a happier wife, mother, and person in general.

One day after reading one of Hotspur’s romantic posts about his wife we decided to try to write something together.  This was the start of what I think has been a very positive and inspiring change in the way I think and write.  He is a happily married man who writes much the same way I do but he was optimistic where I was (had become) depressing.  I was worried for a time that I could only write about sadness, anger, or depression but he showed me I can write happy things too.  I owe him a lot for the plutonic romantic writing relationship we have!

The Reclining Gentlemen also inspires me as a writer.  He has asked me to do a fictional relay with him which will further challenge me in a new direction.  He has been wonderful to get to know.  Pharphelonus always encouraging me and also has taught me to write about beautiful things.  I have done several duets with many bloggers now and I have loved each and every one of them.  I hope to do more and encourage anyone who would like to try to email me and give it a go.  Please go to my Poetic Duets category to see the love that has been shared through writing with so many people way more talented than I could ever hope to be!

Well I guess this post was longer than I intended.  I basically wanted to say thanks to my family, my friends, my drugs, and my blog….for saving me!


  1. Agreed with everything you said. I am not married but I am going through a bit of a crisis right now and the drugs are helping. Blogging has been a blessing for me…I never understood until I started doing it. It’s one of the activities I actually look forward to doing. Also, you are absolutely stunning (I’m not saying that in a creepy stalker way I swear).


  2. Thank you for your testimonial write and your courage to tell it. I to am happily married and she is my encourager to keep blogging and just when i’m going to give up writing someone will post a comment that will touch my heart, plus i’m on drugs too. I really love your blog and read it to try help me learn to write. Thank you


  3. Blogging’s great. I’ve been much happier since I started, which i thought was weird – but you said it perfectly! You can just reach out and connect with so many like minded people 🙂


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