I wanted to do something different today.  My husband hates to read but I think he is secretly creative.  I challenged him to write something and as we woke up today I asked what he had for me and he said nada….I am not motivated.  So instead he acquiesced to doing a poetic duel with me.

By the Husband and Hastywords

Once upon a time

We had young hearts

They beat much faster

When love seemed simpler


Life was fun

Romance came easy

She was my focus

My crush giving way to love


He was shy, double shy

I drove miles to see his smile

Late nights, tickle fights

Dreading times apart


She was young and wild

Making me feel like a man

Late nights, new heights

Dreading times apart


He was better than me

Sophistication I had never been

His heart spoke to mine

He made me a better me


Years have passed

Our bodies have slowed

We have changed

Our hearts have grown


Full of trials that try to distance us

From the love we hold between us

We still work hard at being us

Fixing broken spaces between us

With no time apart

Our roots are strong

Twisted and knotted

Eternally intertwined as one


  1. Hmmmmm! We’ve only been married six months. Does that even count as a marriage? But we’ve been together in spirit for almost 30 years, as you may have gathered from my Romantic Monday story. We still do our share of …..interviewing. wink right back


  2. Really you are a lovely couple.. i loved reading your dual or duet (whatsoever, i may lose.. wink).. It is very much pleasant to look at and know about such lovely couple.. May you both stay blessed together 🙂 besides, you are looking nice in the photo..

    I am liking your blog and may be visiting it often..

    With Love
    Taiba Tanjila


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