A collaboration between D.L.McHale and Hastywords.  It isn’t our usual style but we let the words lead. Enjoy!!

This would be a long night

Of which love is only a part

In the ecstasies of this vineyard

Everybody is intoxicated

Rifts play in a heated beat

Glances drifting all about

Inhibitions pouring out

Everybody is intoxicated

Taking the blooms in their hearts

Singing and dancing suggestively

Longing for arms in tight embrace

The shelter of passion within this place

The music gets louder, pounding harder

Hypnotic suggestions devised

Grinding movements improvised

Drunken lust with in this place

Glistening sweat with no regret

Libidos swimming in pools of ecstasy

Lips and tongues insanely wet

The voyeur moon on flesh reflects

Bodies dark and mysterious

Shadows a sexual choreography

Random hungry appetites

Partaking of the moonlit delights

Hear the song echoing

Muted passion sirens lilting lightly

Across dim-lit chasms of melded minds

Musical interludes conducted in sigh-minor

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