Once upon a time, many howling moons ago, music played

As my friends danced under the fullest set of stars, I watched

While their looks turned like rotten fruit and I seemed to vanish

Into someone without a face, a translucent cloud of mist fading

Into the moonlight as a transparent wickedness stood before me


At first my lungs became filled with his recycled carbon breath

And then I began tasting its rusty sweet stench upon my lips

The evil being became a purple bruise before me and I wondered

At its plain drabness, this, my demon so pale and unassuming

Considering its malevolent, vile and depraved soul eating ways


Its shadowed all engulfing presence consumed the dark sky

Forcing me to my knees as I exhaled it into a full reality

No longer contained inside my own prison to keep, it rose

As its coaxing grip ripped my phantom clothes from me

Placing its entire being on me, I moaned with a tortured plea


I beg for my own forgiveness as its presence tries to calm me

Instead I plead for its violating hallucinogenic ravenousness

To sink its teeth deep, to bleed me from me my darkness

Its sharp teeth slices into me as claws dig into my back

And I scream up in pleasure as my inky black hides the moon


Blood gushes from my devoured neck and flows down my spine

Releasing all my pain and relinquishing its hold on my broken soul

Death finally comes to me as my friends continue to dance sublime

Unnoticed I die basking in the worthless nature of my obsession

My depression, my demonic companion and my intoxicating wine.

13 thoughts on “INTOXICATING WINE

  1. Good one. I’m starting to like modern poetry now. I guess I haven’t read enough to be a judge of it. I like that it has more complexity to it.. I should make my lines equivalent length but don’t out of laziness. Mines like prosetry. Liked it alot. A lot of skill involved. I bet reading it aloud would sound good. i’ve never done a duet.


      • My schizophrenia at times thinks you are subliminally or maybe just your subconscious or something is accusing me of being the demon in your recent ones (i’m not that crazy only that i’m a figurative demon). I’ve at times have been that way. I’m slowly maturing though (real slowly.) I do pranks on doctors at hospitals and trick them into thinking I’m talking to a voice or that I’m catatonic and can’t speak and that I have disorganized speech (i know the symptoms.)


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