The following post is a poem written by my best friend.  I wish I could display some of his choreography on here but words will have to do.  He is perfectly imperfect and strives to be his own strength in the most beautiful way! 

My lighthouse light

Is shining brighter than white

Can’t you see me, come and see me

Come find me, come find me

Don’t you know I’ll sail the seas

On a raging day

Just to see a little piece of your face

Just a glimpse

Just a glimpse of your voice

Just a bit of your heart

Just a little to tide me over

Till I can finally have a choice

A choice to laugh, a choice to lay

A choice to fight, kiss, and play

Just a choice to know I chose you

I chose you

I’ll choose you

Your ship has tied me down

An anchor to your sea

Crash and slam

Wave and sway

My heart flitter flutters by

So float on by, float on by

But please never sail too far

My lighthouse light will keep shining

If you want to come find me

I miss you, I miss you

3 thoughts on “MY LIGHTHOUSE LIGHT by Ramey

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