Your words Specifically Formed Strung themselves Into paralleled Straight lines Your thoughts True stories Memories Told meticulously Very, very carefully Upon the screen For all of us to read And if not for that I’d have missed The beauty That is you


I can’t promise tomorrow That it will be void of sorrow But I can promise my smile My listening ear, my arms Hugs full of loving strength Standing in wait to renew you A friend here to help mend you Give me your heart to protect Until you can stand again Until you have strength…


I wrote this in April 2015 but it feels appropriate for today.  See you next in 2016.   xoxo Hasty After all the kicking And our bones Are finished breaking After all the cutting And our souls Are finished carving After all the crying And our tears Are finished shedding After all the burning And…


  It’s nothing new We will survive Time and again in fact Surviving is how we do Our heart hits a snag Sometimes scratched Torn, shredded Broken in two Occasionally blown to bits But the truth is We will all die With a broken heart If we are lucky enough To have battled love


On the 18th of November I will be starting a new series on relationships.  I have some amazing, AMAZING pieces so far and I can’t wait to share them with you. If you have a piece you would like to contribute you can submit it by email to hastywords@gmail.com .  You may send anonymously if…


Your hand Held hers But your eyes Reached For mine Sleight of hand Shifting focus You a player With a pocket Full of hearts A romantic magician With a 52 card deck Full of trick plays And when you called For my final bet I went all in Losing everything Because You turned my heart…


  It wasn’t the first time Her heart had been broken But it was the first time Her heart felt like junk So… She told the boy to keep it Because she knew, never again Would it ever beat the same  


Crowding the dark Demons watched While their bony Fingers walk steps Up my rigid spine His footsteps faded Outside my door Where right before He was standing For just a moment Listening for breath Before satisfied I was indeed Dead


Let me lie here Under your eyes As they wander slowly Over constellations That play upon my skin Under this starlight Let me lie here As I become A stardust breeze Chasing fires Fueled by longing Inside your gaze Let us lie here Each offering Broken hearts To create comets Inside this universe We collided…