My daughter begged for a bunny. I’m not a pet person. I don’t need or want the extra responsibility in my life. But… with the pandemic and my daughter only having me to relate to most days I caved. I got her a baby Mini Rex.

It took only three days to litter train him. It took a few months for him to get use to us. And it was about two months before he realized he could jump out of his pen.

Baby proofing the house and protecting all the cords was a chore. But we did it and he was cute and sweet and hopping around the house. He slept on a piece of carpet under the kitchen table at night.

So I thought. What he really did was wait until we were all asleep and he would go find corners under furniture to EAT MY CARPET!

Sigh… rabbit stew crossed my mind. But then he would look at me and run circles around my feet and grunt his cute little grunts and I decided to replace all the carpet in the house with laminate flooring.

The rabbit wasn’t amused but at least I have peace of mind. He has some carpet strips to tear up for fun and as long as we keep laundry in the hamper life is good.

This little rabbit dude never fails to hop up on my bed to say goodnight. Last night he fell asleep right here on my chest. When I went to move him he hopped to the foot of the bed and slept by my feet. I think he knows I miss my person. Or he’s just waiting to bite my nose off in my sleep.

I guess he’s my rabbit now. And my daughter seemed to know this would happen all along because she comes in every night to give us both goodnight kisses.

5 thoughts on “BUNNY LOVE

  1. I am jealous. Frank, our lion head rabbit, is not that friendly. 2 years in and he will allow pets, but no cuddles. He mostly lies on the floor nearby and watches tv with us.
    He eats everything too. A couple couches…at night he is contained in his rooms. It’s simpler.

    They are cute though.and he gives me a reason to get out of bed. He likes his salad every morning!


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