YOU – by S.L. Allen



I wish that I were an artist,
then I could create
with more than just words,
a portrait of you.
I would use blues
and golds and rose hues.
I would blend soft brown,
amber and gold
to make the color
of your eyes come alive.
I would then take the color of honey,
warmed by the summer sun.
I’d touch it with just the right blush,
to create the look and feel of your skin.
For your hair
I would need to recreate
the black of coal
from the deepest, darkest mines.
It would be cool and glistening
with hidden gems.
The final touch would be a special color.
A hint of the warm afternoon sun,
blended with a sunsets brilliant heat,
all purple and red and gold,
with a bit of moonshine added.
This is a necessary blending.
It would show the wild glow of your love,
that no one can see but me.
Sharon Hameier “1994”

S.L. Allen is a mother of 6 and a grandmother to 13, live in her small Hometown of Rahway New Jersey. She has been writing since she was a child because there are just too many words in her head. She has always loved to share her writing with the world even if it wasn’t published. She was feature in Good Old Days magazine in 1992 with a “A Christmas to Remember” since then she has authored many a poem and short story for family and friends to enjoy. Her dreams are one day to get her words out to the wide world.

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