I talked to you yesterday

Even though you’re not here

I talked to you again today

And I will tomorrow too

You always had this way

Of just…


With your eyes

With your smile

With your heart

You had this quiet way

And I hope you don’t mind

But I am going to keep that

I’m  holding that part of you

Safe and sound and tight

Inside of me to use for good

When I start to feel it fade

I will remember your laugh

Your kind encouragements

The way you lived to serve

And how you changed people

With your kind and gentle way

How you changed me

So yeah…

I will keep talking to you

Though I can’t see you

Because I can still feel you

In the best part of who I am

*Dedicated to Annie 02/2016

10 thoughts on “ALWAYS WITH ME

  1. Great poem on remembering a friend. I think it is perfectly acceptable and normal to talk to dead loved ones who have passed on. A way of bridging our world with our loved ones. Plus, it does make you feel better when you do as you suggest in your poem.

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  2. Beautiful tribute to special ones who die. I work in cancers and other diseases, and have unfortunately lost too many dear friends. This will stay in my files for the next time I lose someone (including family). Thanks.

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