My #BeReal guest today is Briton Underwood

Writing poetry heals.  It allows a person to dig deep. To really think about what to say.  I am always stoked to see someone express themselves with poetry and Briton does it brilliantly.

Thank you Briton for sending in the first #BeReal poetry submissions.


HEAVY DIRTY SOUL by Briton Underwood


I really wish I was as guarded as I pretend to be

Or saw the strong person that some see in me

As if my fierce loyalty wasn’t just insecurity

As if everyone loving me will replace the empty

Spend my nights hoping they accept me

Toss and turn, hoping someone gets me

But I’m busy fighting demons

And sometimes I let them win

Because I feel like I still need them

I know they won’t leave

As long as I don’t let them

I feed them my low self esteem

Then I chase it with some whiskey

Evil crutches help me through the day

When everyone is too busy to even drop a simple hey

But I write metallic box and everyone calls me brave

Step right up and take a piece of me

Go ahead, that’s my soul, its okay

Don’t forget the popcorn as you watch me bleed away

PLASTIC HAPPINESS by Briton Underwood


Looking for an out, the exit signs over there

Crawling out your skin, but stuck behind your perfect hair

So fake, you don’t know what be real means anymore

Apply another layer, you’re just strengthening the cell door

Its what you know, beauty you’ve been raised for

Put on your makeup and a pretty dress

Go full stepford and wait by the front door

With a surgically forced smile and red lipstick on your face

Then nightly take those pills the ones that soften all the pain

All your antidepressants and your quaaludes

The ones that make it feel okay

So you can see another day

Behind the layers on your face

And you can cut and fold those wrinkles

So that pesky age is done away


unnamedBriton “Punk Rock Papa” Underwood is a proud Parent, Writer and Original Bunker Punk. His passion for writing is second only to his passion for parenting. Co-founder of the Original Bunker Punks, Punk Rock Papa enjoys helping people’s thoughts, stories and emotions be heard. You can find him on his personal blog or on the Original Bunker Punks writing about what he loves, the people around him.

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