The MONSTERS are no longer hiding under our children’s beds.  They are online and they are everywhere.  Sometimes our own little kids have their own monster moments.  I never really plan to do theme months but they happen out of necessity.  I need your help again so I am asking for submissions.

Social media is evolving so fast that schools and parents can’t keep up.  We need those of you with experience to communicate what you know. You don’t need to have kids to know exactly what is out there for kids can find.  Tell us because we are listening.

  • Have you heard some great advice on how to handle social media with kids?
  • How do you educate your kids?
  • Do you know of some great resources you would like to share?
  • Have you had a specific incident you would like to share?
  • Are you an expert in the field who would like to reach this audience?
  • Do you know what kinds of tricks and secrets kids are using to get around parental controls?
  • Do you have an instance where reputations where damaged by social media?


If you have something to submit please send it to with the subject Cybermonsters along with a short bio and a bio picture.  Be sure any pictures you might include are not infringing on copyrights.  If you want to remain anonymous be sure to leave the bio off and put in bold somewhere in your email you would like to remain anonymous,  Please leave out the use of real names.  Submissions have no time table but please try to send within the next few weeks.  Also there is no limit to word count.

Thank you for your help!

5 thoughts on “CYBERMONSTERS

  1. Hey Girl!
    It has been way to long since my last comment, but I do visit you often 🙂
    I don’t have kids, but being a book and social media promoter for many fine authors, I see new SM places pop up all the time. I actually had a cyber-bully who hacked a couple of my SM places, and they were NASTY! And took some work to get them to stop.

    BUT, I do have friends who have teens and one found she was talking to a stranger– on Instagram & her FB messaging, and she was talking to them from her iphone, so she put blocks on both and gave her daughter a stern talking to. Scary how these cyber creeps prey on teens and young kids. Parents need to check their kids cell phones, computers, iPads, everything they use to communicate with their so called friends. Parents have that right to keep their kids safe!

    That’s my 2 cents worth, now I’m Broke! LOL. Hope all is well your way XOXO
    Author, Cat Lyon

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  2. I forced my kids to be “friends” with me on FB otherwise they could not have an account. They didn’t like it at first but they got used to it. I also asked for their passwords and they gave them to me. They are now 21 and 19 and are realizing the effect that social media can have on getting a job and have made their Twitter accounts private and are careful about what they post. My daughter had a substitute teacher contact her on Twitter and write her an inappropriate note. She told me right away and he was fired from the school. Communication is key! 🙂


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