I absolutely adore Sean and always look forward to his poetic comments.

He put together an awesome project you can get free by visiting his site!

Sean B

Conversations and Duets

Book cover, Just PerhapsA small collection, free to read, review, or not, just tap, click, or whatever it is you do to access the book via the image above. Once there, one will find a selection of collaborative poems with authors from Australia, India, and the United States of America.

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2 thoughts on “JUST PERHAPS

  1. Some days, conversations like “Just Perhaps” finds one wanting to exchange thoughts across a few feet rather than over thousands of miles. The difference to waking beneath a summer storm rather than another humid day that begs for rain only to hear a distant storm across each twist in the wire between posts. “Faded Handprints” reminds me of how your writing rolls like waves, out across oceans and you are the moon turning the tide in Spring, for these are sometimes the highest of tides. Where when standing at a wave’s origin, one could watch as it rolls out towards the horizon, fading from sight to then come up from behind and place it’s arms around one in an expression to sharing. “Shrouds and Cloaks” some how feels a like listening to your writing, the words and lines, perhaps the girl of shrouds and cloaks seems a small part to the genuine, you as a writer and the magical collective you attract (as I read it again now) from around this dizzy spinning world. Yes, two all time favourites in how they find clarity amongst the mist and fog. Incredible to be able to write with you!


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