Fighting addiction is a real battle. It is our free will that brings us defeated into the horrors of reality but it can also lead to us into great strength and even greater victories.

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The paths are in front of him.
One to the left.
One to the right.
Both look seemingly harmless.
No signs of either being broken.
Which to choose though?
The decision seems hard.
The direction to walk seems confusing.
Which path will lead to the ending desired.
Which one will unfold the beauty and splendor dreamed of.
Wandering foils his mind.
Compass broken.
Mind unclear.
His tools are packed solid in his luggage.
He has what he needs for the journey.
But he has no direction.
The paths are clearly marked.
But no decision has been made.
What if he chooses wrongly.
What if the path he chooses leads to destruction.
The compass again goes wild.
Spinning wildly.
Throwing his mind into disarray.
He doesn’t know.
How can he be certain of which to take.
So aimless….
No plan in place.
But he must choose.
He can’t go…

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