Take some time and check out this new duet partner.  Thank you for writing with me WBDEEJAY




What do we have?
There is a ring on your finger
Twenty years of history have flowed through it
That hand still holds mine
Still searches for me

What do we have?
Decades of collected inside jokes
Still causing the silliest laughter
Betraying our wrinkles
With smiles too big for our faces

What do we have?
Music that soothes the soul
Many styles, many cultures,
Mostly classical and pop
Turning up the radio, we both listen

What do we have?
Tears that flow naturally, unashamed
Through the happy times and saddest of sad
Always finding a place to land
Comfortable in the palms of our hands

What do we have?
Love in your face, in your touch
Hearts that care when the going gets rough
I feel it, no matter how else I feel
Strength and conviction make it real

What do we have?
Trust that has preserved us
Built us up and secured us
As the rest of the world lied to themselves
We grew stronger, letting honesty bind us

10 thoughts on “WHAT DO WE HAVE

  1. You have visited me my sister, you have seen some of my poems, but I will say your poem is breathtaking and so meaningful to me since I have been married for 37 years. I will say this “I wish I had written those lines,” simply beautiful…you have both made my day. It is fun to partner up with someone and create, without wanting anything in return just the joy of sharing talent. You both have created a genuine gem! Hugs and blessings to you both!

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