TD and I have been friends awhile.  I don’t mean just casual blog friends, he is one of those friends I can (and do) count on:  He is

1) Never too busy to talk if I need him

2) Isn’t scared of blubbering, hysterical tears


3) Isn’t scared off by an emotional screaming cursing tirade

TD and I both have our share of people who misunderstand us.  I suppose most of us do.  Maybe it’s them but maybe it’s us, misfits the pair of us.  Regardless, I had a bad weekend which sent me into a precarious spiral and as I wrote the beginning of a poem to TD.  I also wrote a poem with Helena you can find here

Seriously, writing helps… So if you need some help but you don’t feel like talking about your feelings; write a poem with someone.

Thank you for being such a good friend TD, we are kind of like mismatched socks that work well together.!


Written by TwinDaddy and HastyWords

Not enough air here
In this place without control
Suffocating in darkness
As words crash around me
In a long thunderous roll

Like a raging typhoon
Rumors haphazardly swirl
Killing my character
They tear me apart
Into the fetal position I curl

People think what they want
Without rhyme or thought
Thick slicing tongues
Spin devilishly sordid tales
Using me as their main plot

I’ve been cast in a role
For which I didn’t audition
I am the antagonist
I am the catalyst of all evil
I am traitorous and have no inhibition

So without further ado
I deliver to you this final execution
A twist in the plot, a final farewell
And I do this now on my own accord
Without any whispers of permission

A bitter smile adorns my face
While I bid the ultimate adieu
With middle fingers high
My voice laced with stress
I deliver to my haters a giant “fuck you”


  1. The two of you rock!

    Honestly this may have been something that I would have liked to say to people in real life especially because some people are always so judgmental. And they then go and gossip and bash you to everyone else. It is partly the reason that I have had to burn so many bridges and am basically flying solo. It is incredibly difficult to find people who understand you and see where you are coming from.

    TD is an incredible friend. It is really necessary for someone to have friends like that. And it is really a beautiful thing to watch the friendship between the two of you. Your poetry is always so connected.
    So Hasty, I also like poetry – please feel free to throw some at me at any point you would like. Plus thank you for all your words of wisdom – IDK if I could have faced my current situation alone. It has been so difficult all this time 😉


  2. Wow! hasty i really like this poem, i’ve not read all of your work, by far i believe this is one the best i have read…

    You are alright, right hasty?


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