BeFunky_null_1.jpgWritten by Cara T and HastyWords

Broken lace fell from her shoulder
As he glared into her eyes
He searched for defiance, an excuse
To give her what his anger desired

Staring back with a passive gaze
Her mind fishing for ways to calm him
And provoke him just the same
Would he give in to his baser needs?

He saw the corner of her mouth smile
His cue to give into his viler wants
With a fist tangled inside her curly style
He pulled her head back, neck exposed

An act of dominance
An act that drew a breathy gasp
Sending a jolt straight to her core
The telling pulse at gee throat, fluttering fast

Strong hands clenching obedience
With heavy breath slightly heaving
He began to feel her heightened response
To all the demands he’d begun to give

Her body offered up
Eager for the sting of his hands
The bite of the carpet on her knees
His voice vibrating in her head

A snarl escapes his demeaning lips
As he snakes himself toward her hips
Baptizing her with his angry wants
She bends to breaking for his groans

Ecstasy has never been sweeter
Delivered by hands and lips seemingly cruel
Their moment together one of delicious fulfillment
A pleasure neither can find in another soul




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