Written by Lizzi and HastyWords

The sun trickled magically down
Lighting the very tips of my toes
Oiling my skin with glowing warmth
Glittering in the air between those

Canopies of red and orange blurred
As my eyes searched for morning
I didn’t know; my ears had not yet heard
The blackbird’s cry of warning

Not sure how long I had dozed off
Only that I had wandered too far
To come back fully from that moment
Where the woods between the worlds are

Distant sirens brought a strange relief
As I began to notice how bare I felt
Whether they heralded rescue or conviction
T’would at least be change from where I dwelt

Focus continued to play hide and seek
As a frightful image came into my periphery
It clenched within my gut as I awoke
Darkening my dawn with an epiphany

Far too many yesterdays were spent
Reliving this moment of my rebirth
I squandered my days away and now
Am empty-handed, pondering my worth

A survivor found among leaves and dirt
I now try to survive the piece mill memory
That threatens to swallow my future whole
A long ago tragedy claiming me as its casualty

Its poison claws embedded in my psyche
From this my soul will never be unwed
My hollow eyes seek solace in the skies
Then I turn and pull the covers o’er my head


A few weeks ago you might remember Lizzi from a BECAUSE GIRLS ARE COOL post.  Well I am excited to say she has moved her blog over to WordPress so please help her out and follow her like a crazy fool by clicking here!  Thank you Lizzi for writing a duet with me.  I am super honored and I love how it turned out!!


  1. That was incredible!! Wow! I envy poets like you two!! I’ve tried to write a couple but nothing close to the awesomeness of this!! Thank you both for sharing your gift!


  2. Some places recall, record different events, singing mixed words as they rewrite changed experiences in the mind tripping ones usual thoughts on such descriptions in a wake to fresh histories moments unable to wind them back. An amazing short exploration to ponder upon, the duet above.


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