Written by Johnny Ojanpera and HastyWords

I wonder what time would say
If I asked it to tell me a little story
Would it pick one I have heard
Or would it sing a well-worn lullaby

Persistent silence played again
Will only bore me like a chore
Surely something in between
A fairy tale or a sonnet, short

Would its voice be rhythmic
Angelic lyrics on notes of calm
Or would it be cadenced chaos
Sowing chords of agitated tones

Marching on, all colors mute
I fear the pace, cut-time trip
Swinging on the minute hand
Hemisphere left, to slow it down

Circling ever onward, hypnotizing
Spinning tales into treasured gold
I realize I am a child of this measure
The stories won’t run out or go untold

If ever time will grant me word or song
I will take it, a gift as scarce as itself
A promise to savor every uttered note
Man’s only true master, untamed foe

6 thoughts on “STORY TIME

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