I spent the day searching

For a smile painted landscape

A sun for me to embrace

A moon to love my shadow

Or a man with a horse

Cursing the church bells for sport

To my devices, using side doors and stairs

I spent the night stirring and combing my hair

Random musings wrote themselves

Sprawled across old brick walls

Stepping stones lined hallways

Trapping piranha’s in molten walkways

And we waltzed Among Sirens

Flew To Pelops, killed a Cyclopse

And set quiet to a storm

We spoke of Milton: Paradiso: Divine

We forged stories upon rock walls

Using iron will and imaginations draw

We sat around campsites and firefights

Watching humanity cling to dreams at night

Like a widow to a hairdo frayed

Given the Humidity that mourning

Makes a speech about excuses

Foregoing Lucky’s Motorcade

Falling from a universe built on words

The stories unfolded naturally over time

One right after the other upon wrinkled flesh

Until the only story left was that of our demise

Rightly so, So what?

So sorely wretched

Is our starry gaze

Arrest, we all…… Lest we fall

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