Please support a new poet by checking out his wonderful poetry!!!  I also ran across this beautiful poem here that touched me deeply.  He has also added to a few of my poems…I love seeing how my words can change meaning by adding the thoughts of another.  Read one here.


Written by tot123itsme and HastyWords

Everyone is connected

Merely, shadows overlapping
I truly believe

We’re all one, same intense spirit

Wandering, and that’s a fact!


Our shadows keep dancing

Leaping from brick to brick

Just lovers, just pictures

Without words upon walls


Random glowing storybook

Acted upon a forgotten stage

All searching, looking, hoping

For someone else, something else


Faces, faces speaking

You cannot we must not quit

As feelings indistinctly flicker

I’m waiting down the hall


Find me here waiting

In this corner of saddened sin

Shadows running away

From this alley’s dead end


I can hear you mumble

As you walk ever closer

My shadowy arms

Waiting to embrace you


Hearing soft silent whispers

Thoughts of scented hair

Sweet warm breathe tickling

Wild tender burning sensation

Your presence awakens me

No longer just a shadow

I start to remember my life

The life we used to share

Memories of your smooth skin

The sweet melody in your voice

Memories of your smile

Reach into the prison I made by choice


You were always waiting there

Preciously holding the golden key

Filling me softy with your tender love

As you quietly set me free



22 thoughts on “MY SHADOW PRISON

  1. Great use of alliteration and “S” sounds. Really set a nice tone for the poem.
    I am curious about one line though “In this corner of sadden sin.” The sadden sin part kind of confuses me, not quite sure why.


      • I had meant it to read sadden sin

        Cause to feel sorrow; make unhappy: “he was greatly saddened by the death of his only son”.
        grieve – afflict – distress

        But PLEASE LEAVE as posted (HIDDEN SIN)


        • Women, I will never understand the superior race, the change was not needed. Must times it;s hard enough keeping my delusion apart you couldn’t imagine what my memory try to make me believe at the best of time. When somebody such as your self say this how it went then I take your word for truth because to rely on my memory is inviting trouble for me. Simple look at the damage I have caused through my own addict little should said about mental health…

          What hell am I talking about anyway?


  2. Great work, headed over now to check out your friends blog, I less than two months into WordPress and I have to say that this is the very reason I LOVE IT so much. The professional inspiration and help we give each artist is amazing and it is nice to work in such an uplifting and compassionate setting. It is refreshing to see you helping out a fellow blogger and yet I run across it on here all the time. It makes me smile.


  3. Thanks for allowing me create something with you Hastywords. You start all this with a follow, being part of your community touches me. Its hard to be accepted when you come from a UN-forgiving world of addiction.


  4. Reblogged this on thisoldtoadblog and commented:
    i the toad would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Hasty, you opened a wonderful world to me… A gift worth a thousand dreams…

    Thank you, christopher raymond jensen


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