Fiction Relay – Part 11

I have decided, nervously, to participate in a Fictional Relay!  I am so happy The Reclining Gentlemen has so much confidence in me and that he is stretching my creative boundaries.  Below is my part of the relay.  Read parts 1-10 to catch up located here.

Suzie wasn’t sure she could trust Sam, trust wasn’t something she was even capable of, but she had always had a good gut instinct about people.  He had her bewildered and her attraction to him was just making her more confused.  She was trying desperately to wrap her mind around the fact he was a telepath…and other things.

“I need to convince you to help me get that bag!” she said resigned to trusting him.

“I got what I thought might be important, what did I miss?” he was puzzled.

She looked at him trying to read him before answering, “Can you please tell me who you are and what is going on?  I would like to tell you everything I know but I also need to know you are on my side.”

“Can you just take my word for it Meagan?” he was staring at her again with those intense eyes, “I mean you should know you can trust me but I can understand why you don’t remember me.”

Suzi’s mind reeled…he knew her real name.  She was searching her memory for answers she felt were under lock and key.  It had been nagging at her.  Their connection was unlike any other she had ever had.  In fact, if felt vaguely familiar if she allowed herself to think on it.

“I don’t understand and right now I have a million questions I don’t have time to ask.  I just need something in the way of proof that you are not using me.  I have to find that bag.  There is a flash drive in it that Raj cannot find.” She admitted.

“What was on this flash drive?” he questioned trying hard to make eye contact with her.

“Information, more like proof…that Raj was/is a murderer.”  She spit out before she could change her mind. “Please help me find it.”

He looked at her rubbing his chin; lost in thought, assessing the information he had just been given.

“I will help you find the bag but you will have to try to trust me and my instincts until we can talk.” He replied.

She felt so overwhelmed, she really believed she could trust him which was a new feeling and it wasn’t sitting very comfortably with her heart.  The fact he killed Melissa and possibly the cook just wasn’t clicking in her mind.  She looked at Sam and they made eye contact.  All the sudden she had to jump out of the car, the world was spinning and she felt like she was going to throw up.  She had caught his gaze and a memory flashed hard enough that her breakfast was now displayed in a nice splatter pattern on the street.

“It was the orphanage!” she spit out between convulsions.

Sam was at her side rubbing her back and helping her stand.  “Yes.” he simply said with understanding.

“I know you from the orphanage…you and Melissa.” She whispered more to herself than in answer to his acknowledgment.

He pulled her into a tight embrace that she let comfort and calm her.  She started sobbing uncontrollably more from a crazy fear of the memories that were starting to surface.  She had given up so much but she was a target, always had been, and it was never going to end.  She had survived the last decade believing she was the only survivor and here was Daniel/Sam standing alive in front of her.  His arms, his chest, his strength felt so good, she remembered he was the most talented in the orphanage.   He not only mastered Telepathy but he was also a Psychokinetic and was fairly good at Astral Projection. He had been her protector, her best friend.

“I have missed you Meagan.  The moment I saw Melissa I knew there were possibly other survivors.  I have been trying to find you.” He said slowly, testing her memory.

“Melissa wasn’t part of our program at the orphanage; I thought she was the only one I knew I could trust.  Wasn’t she the daughter of one of the administrators?  She told me her father died in the incident along with all my friends. ” She was staring into space trying to make connections from invisible dots hanging in front of her.

“Did you kill Melissa or the cook?” she inquired already knowing the answer.

“No…but I don’t believe she is dead.  Do you remember her talent?” He seemed worried.  He didn’t have to use his talent to read the realization on her face. “She wasn’t part of our program because her talents were already fully developed.”

10 thoughts on “Fiction Relay – Part 11

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  3. Meagan! What the hell!!! Nervous? You jumped in with two feet, and kicked up more dust than any of us. TRG has his work cut out for him. Nicely done, and thanks for joining this illustrious group of writing talent.


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