Steal your face… Part 6…

So….I got my face stolen! Pay backs are gonna be ohhhhh so fun!!!! Stay tuned for my REVENGE

Pouring My Art Out

Okay, I am still randomly visiting blogs and stealing pictures to mess with in Photoshop. Technically I guess it is no longer quite as random as it was because I notice than I am doing the people who like the idea sooner… This does not mean that those of you who hate the idea are off the hook, just so you know…

Today’s victim… uh… I mean ‘contestant’… has volunteered willingly. In fact she almost insisted. And she isn’t one of you shy types either. She puts pictures of herself up on her blog almost every day.

So meet my friend Hastywords;

a 1 bShe writes some awesome poetry and she writes with people a lot. She has even done a couple of poems with me. So go check her out. Go on. I will wait…

She seems to have a fairly normal home life… despite being a blogger…

a 1 aAwwwww… what…

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