Cotton Candy Clouds by HastyWords

Cotton Candy Clouds by HastyWords

Written by The Reclining Gentleman and HastyWords

While the world rotates constant

The universe keeps expanding

I imagine where destiny resides

And how much of it is promised


Is my future as permanent as my past,

Are the dice rolls of chance cast in stone?

Has the final chapter of my saga been written,

Waiting for me to turn my daily pages?


I gaze into invisible passages

Finding only barren landscapes

Inspiration all dried up, motivation gone

I wonder if tomorrow will be the same


Is it written that I will feel this way

Or can I erase, redraft my own story?

I strain to see beyond the immediate

To glimpse events yet to come


Regardless of the outcome

Whether or not it’s been told

I try in earnest to stay in the present

And leave the pondering to turn cold


I can see no value in stretching my vision

Beyond the near horizon

When everything that makes me whole

Is with me in the here and now


As for the universe and what it holds

I will leave that for my wandering mind

And work on the story I would like told

Live each day being beautiful and kind


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