The NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt – Day 3- Write a Sea Shanty



Written by Too Full To Write and HastyWords

(First Mate)

Shiver me timbers lads, I’m really taken aback

The captain’s a female one and a good ‘un at that!

With treasure our pleasure, we all get underway

A shot of dutch courage to cast the demons away!


Row, row, row, don’t ye dare go slow

The wrath ye feel from me whip

Ain’t nothing compared to the plank, Dirty Dog!


Like vicious sea dogs looking for grub, predators of the sea

Blue water our home, a dark and stormy wench she can be

But cross me, me hearties, and a wench is what I will be

Instead of rum, bilgewater will be the only drink you see!


Go Go Go, Row, Row, Row

Ye dare go slow, you’re reward will be hell!

Beaten and flogged by a cat o’nine tails!

(First Mate)

If you know the ropes then we can make both ends meet

You would do well not to cross her or me, the first mate

Ignore seductive songs from mermaid sirens of the deep

Or ’tis Davy Jones’ locker you will be forced to seek!


Show a leg, no more time to take a caulk

Row, Row, Row, ye stinkin picaroons

Landlubbers the lot a ya, move it or the black spot for ya


Aye Matey, I may look like a Corsair all tender and fair

But Jack Ketch holds me in his arms at night, sending me dreams

Begging me to find him another dance, another neck to bind

Do not tempt your fate me swabs, or Ye will end up a Jolly Roger!


Hard-a-port, hard-a-starboard, all hands on deck

Keep her steady, row faster, don’t hang the jib

Keep sculling, harder, nearly there, I said row, you monkeys!

(First Mate)

If I see you shirking duties, you will be flotsam and jetsam

So show us your true colors and it will all be plain sailing

Time and tide, they waiteth not for this eager woman

She’s got a score to settle, prepare for battle, no questions!


Go Go Go, Yo Ho Ho

When ye old salt hollers “Sail Ho, Sail Ho”

Run a shot across the bow and let’s pillage the booty


Nelson’s folly for the lot a ya, if the loot be gold

I can nearly smell the hogshead casked upon thee

We make up the scourge of the seven seas

Dead men tell no tales so pillage then keelhaul them all!


  1. Arr ye salty dogs! haul in the lines, we set sail for singapore, where a pirates booty be rich, and the pirate booty be richer. Hoist the main sails and raise the anchor!


    awesome. I enjoyed reading this a lot lol I love pirates 😛


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