Written by The Husband and HastyWords

But say nothing I will

Confrontation, confusion, misconception

Jealousy and sadness abound

Silence reveals nothing

Hides All


Betrayal sits hunched

Conflicts, mistakes, delusions

Distrust and bitterness surround

Road ahead is merging

Communication lines are down


Symbiosis in our hands

Synergy in our grasp

Junkies for the experiment

Adventure in our veins

Silence leads nowhere


Cooperation is the goal

Destination put on hold

Waiting for the call

For your voice in the hush

But still silence grows


Concepts in dissension

Paths entwined as one

Thoughts lead to action

Silence gives way to sound

Echoing waves of thunder


Storms rage throwing debris

Clearing all the unsound stability

Leaving words of comfort

To linger like a rainbow

Clearing new roads for you and me

9 thoughts on “THE DEATH OF SILENCE

  1. Hey, look, I’m published. And for once I THINK I actually understand one of your posts… of course who knows if what you were writing had anything to do with my thoughts 😉


  2. I learn to be quiet. Negative words lead to no-where. I believe when two people care for each other. They must change and be very understanding. A happy marriage take two people who speak the truth and try to seek the good things. A poem for thoughts. Marriage is hard work.


    • It is hard. Over the years we have had to know when to be silent and when to talk. We have always come out better after a storm than before. It takes patience and understanding that we are both humans who makes mistakes. And yes….truth is essential…even hard to swallow truths. I like to talk he likes to be silent so we have both had to change to meet in the middle.


  3. Wow! What a fantastic way to look into each others minds… Telling, yet guarded… What a wonderful relationship the two of you must have… Thank you for sharing 🙂


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