What came first the chicken or the hate?  I would venture hate and the poor chicken just got stuck on the wrong side of the road.  Seriously, what did the chicken ever do?  I mean some business owner has an opinion, donates profits to organizations of his choosing and the world goes bat shit crazy!  I actually pulled my Bible out and looked to see if chickens were mentioned in Revelations.

First, this business owner hasn’t done anything he isn’t allowed to do legally.  Second, I will stop buying from any company of my choosing for whatever reason I may deem as a consumer.  Just as the owner is allowed his opinion I am allowed mine.  I suppose all the people standing in line to buy a chicken commodity are stating their opinion and more power to them.   However, I feel there is a time when opinions can be rendered lovingly or in a hateful manner.  I believe all the Facebook posts showing stacks among stacks of chicken products in very poor taste as well as the flooded Instagram photo’s of the eternally long lines.  Whether you support gay marriage or not leave the poor chicken alone.

What is my stance on gay marriage as a slightly to the right Christian Republican?  So basically I can be a murdering, adulterating, thieving, hate mongering whore and get married but I can’t be gay?  Ok I get it…that sounds reasonable…NOT!  As a Christian I believe marriage is a union that God blesses…who am I to say who he will bless or not bless?  We are all sinners so which sinners will he choose to bless?  Those who ask perhaps?  Whether or not you believe being gay is a sin or not the fact is they are still sinners.  Politically I don’t see any logical reason one can argue against letting two consenting humans marry under the law.

Now onto something else that has been bothering me from reading all the hateful comments being slung between some gays and some Christians. I am annoyed with the careless and lazy use of labels.

I am a Christian.  This means I believe Jesus was more than a prophet and I believe he is my savior.  I do not judge, attack or talk poorly about people/groups who believe in other things.  I try to love and be a light to those around me.  To attack your belief system I would be questioning your intelligence and your free will to make your own choices. I would never do such a thing.  After all God created freewill for a reason.  I believe and respect the right everyone has to evaluate their own life and come to their own conclusions.  When people attack “Christians” I feel attacked.

If you are gay you understand what it is like to be attacked as a member of a group.  Just because you are gay does not mean you agree with everything that a gay community believes or endorse everything every gay person does.  Republican/Democrat same idea applies.  So next time you want to attack a politician or a leader in the community please do not stoop to their level of labeling.  Please feel free to attack the person and their unique set of beliefs but please be mindful of including me in your attacks by using the labeling mentality.

Last thought…I’m making something out of my garden for dinner!


  1. That was terrific! Thank you:) If reasonable people could discuss things in a reasonable manner, what an amazing world this could be…



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