#BeREAL : BlogHer and GoDaddy

I had the chance recently to go to BlogHer.


I got an email stating I had won one of the Voice of the Year Awards.  I almost trashed it thinking it was spam but I when I saw the link they included was my #BeREAL piece I paused.  I read it.  I looked up BlogHer and immediately wondered who had submitted my name.

Lizzi Lewis.

She has had so much faith in my abilities she took it into her own hands to submit my piece for the SOCIAL IMPACT category.  And by the wonderment I still have I won.

I decided to go to BlogHer because the event was free, there would be some awesome people and opportunities and maybe it was meant to be.  I don’t take opportunities that come my way lightly.  After all, I had a chance to represent all the people who have taken the time to share their stories with me.

The conference was awesome as was my roommate and all the wonderful bloggers I finally got to meet IRL.  I had a blast.  And considering it was the weekend of my divorce being finalized it was the best distraction to be with some amazingly beautifully kind-hearted women.  I had found my tribe and they were all loving and powerfully brave.

On the last day of the conference I was so tired.  I got up slowly and made my way to the conference well after lunch time.  I decided to check out the sponsor area and got to see what all the hub-bub was about.  People kept asking me what my blog was about.

Well… it’s evolved and changed over the years.  It isn’t the same place as when I started.  How do I possibly encompass everything that this place is about?

One of the booths was being presented by GoDaddy.  It was a #PitchBooth.  They were handing out awesome tote bags that I thought my daughter would love so…

Without makeup and what looks like a full grown mustache under the harsh light of the pitch booth I stepped in and gave it my 30 seconds.  I didn’t think I had a chance in hell of being picked in the top 20.  BUT really your voices matter.  It is your voices I focused on and your voices that I sold.

How do I explain my blog???

Watch me here to find out… and then if you support my vision OUR VISION then vote for me 🙂  You also get something out of it too.

By voting, you enter for a chance to win a $200 gift card from SheKnows Media. The pitcher in the winning video will receive $500 in services from our sponsor, GoDaddy, as well as an all-expense paid trip to New York City for a VIP Winner’s Dinner, which will be attended by top executives and potential investors. ~SheKnowsMedia

Even if you don’t vote for me I hope you vote because there are a lot of good women here looking to make a difference in the world.




13 thoughts on “#BeREAL : BlogHer and GoDaddy

  1. BOOM, baby! I think the video’s actually not bad at all, and tbh I was too busy listening to the loveliness of your words to worry about how you think you looked! FINGERS CROSSED FOR YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

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