I started writing a Facebook post this morning that turned into a long dialog with myself. I decided to leave it there and finish it here. Why? Because it feels important somehow. Maybe not important in a way that will change or shape lives. But it feels like I might want to visit these thoughts again. It feels like I am trying to solve something but I am not sure what yet.

I might be unraveling but I might be becoming. I am not sure of that yet either. One thing I do know… is that if I keep searching I have a greater chance of finding the answers I seek.


My head is a crowded and busy place.

Rarely can I sit back and empty my mind. I don’t see how people who meditate do it. I’ve tried. I tried this morning but all I could think about was mental illness, emotions, and why do we, as humans, hurt each other.

Life is strange but maybe not so strange.

Often times I will relate an emotion or a human experience to something in nature. I believe nature is an extension of us not the other way around. That may seem awfully ridiculous to some but it forms my universal view of things.

The phrase “you are not the center of the universe” comes to mind. Well, whether or not we are the only beings in the universe seems fairly irrelevant to me. Unless those beings effect us in a way that is tangibly noticed by us then it matters not if we know of or understand how their existence changes ours. And even then we ARE the center of things.

The idea that we have a short and finite life span also doesn’t have significant enough value to change my view. When viewing the universe without knowledge we see chaos and randomness and we fear what we don’t understand. But when we observe and learn we start to find predictably and harmony.

We are sentient beings which means we can feel things in a way that can be perceived and subjectively applied to the reality we live in. We can use all the things we learn about the world around us to explain why and how we do the things we do as humans.

Our minds are like the universe. Still being explored. We are afraid of the things we don’t understand. We seek understanding and through knowledge we eliminate the fear of the unknown. We keep finding pieces of the puzzle and solving the problem of unpredictability.

I am a Christian so I have had to ask myself where does God fit in? He is the creator. We are made in his image. I think that extends to the universe as a whole. Predictability. There is comfort in predictability. I know if I do this then this will happen. We call them rules of life, of nature, of the universe but really…. they are just the basis of existence.

I sort of see life like a lava flow. It flows over the past causing it to be inaccessible but it is still there buried while at the same time laying the groundwork for the future. Eventually, we die… but we don’t collectively. We haven’t yet anyway.

So many things about us seem unpredictable but I wonder if eventually our choices, our behavior, our decay and our mistakes are all in the end predictable with enough knowledge.  I have to believe we have a purpose.


Are we the center of the universe?

Maybe and maybe not.  But as far as I am concerned, and as long as I am able to gather evidence and reason my way through life, I guess I will continue to believe that what I do and how I see things actually matter somehow.  Somehow I am adding to the COLLECTIVE humanity.  I hope to do that in the most enlightened way I can.

If I am NOT the center of the universe.  If you are NOT the center of the universe.  If we humans are NOT the center of the universe then I suppose not much does matter.  And we should just keep keeping on or not.







  1. Interesting reflections and there’s power in that. I think we are always unraveling and becoming, or I hope that is the journey of our lives. I haven’t any answers, but I do believe that we are more than we seem, that the creative energy we put out into the world, both positive and negative, becomes part of the fabric of the universe. I don’t think we are the center of the universe, but we are part of it, intimately and intricately connected. We are miracles with the gift of sentience. I hope someday we will learn to use it wisely.


  2. Hmmm – Is there a center of the universe? Each sentient being has a unique point of view. I am at the center of the perceived world around me, as you are of the perceived world that surrounds you. I think that most of human communication is about connecting, sharing, and coordinating those worlds, and creating thereby community and communion. This must be so, even if we are figments of God’s imagination, or the instruments of the universe’s self knowledge. It is how we transcend those individual, lonely universes of which we are the centers and learn love. —- Interesting, isn’t it, Hasty, how your musings set off more?

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  3. Even if we’re not the centre of the universe, perhaps it helps to think we are, because then we might realise how much responsibility we need to keep up with, and how vital we all are to one another. We are guardians of this planet, and of each other, as well as ourselves…we need to become our best self in order to best support and serve those around us and nurture our environment. We’re all interconnected. We all need each other in order to thrive.


  4. True you are not the center of the universe, nor am I. Beyonce is the center of the universe. The sooner you come to accept this, the sooner you will find inner peace.


  5. Hiya Hasty,
    I’m presenting you with the Liebster Award – ta-daaa!
    I’ve chosen you for this prestigious award because you’ve interacted with my blog sometime in the last couple of hours – so you only have yourself to blame!😀
    The direct link to your nomination, and the question I have written just for you is
    I hope you have fun with this.:)
    Kindness – Robert.

    Nice post by the way – very thought provoking. I think that God is at the heart of all things, so the closer we get to God, the closer we get to the centre of the universe and the more important and effective we become. 🙂


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