Since I have taken a break from writing I will ask you to consider helping a great group of people make their dreams happen.  I wrote about them before here and here. 


Below is the campaign created by Outsiders Productions please visit and donate!

Pitch in to help some broke filmmakers in Oklahoma make a comedy web series about the tragedy of following dreams.

Outsiders Productions is launching our campaign to raise money for support our current project: the comedy web series, “Rough Cut.”  The hour-long pilot episode for “Rough Cut” is already completed and playing on the festival circuit; the fund-raising campaign is directed for the completion of episodes two, three, and four.

“Rough Cut” is an underdog story about small-town filmmakers attempting to shoot a powerful script, occasionally in spite of each other and constantly against all odds. Often hilarious, frequently heart-breaking, but always honest, “Rough Cut” follows the relationships of these would-be filmmakers as they navigate their dreams past failing relationships, blue-collar jobs, and the difficulties of no-budget filmmaking. The message, however, reaches beyond films and filmmaking; the story is ultimately about the cost of friendship, the necessity of dreams, and the hope that brings us together.

The pilot episode has already started garnering attention on the film festival circuit after premiering at the deadCENTER Film Festival in June and has been nominated for multiple awards at various festivals early into its run, from Best Actor (Kenny Pitts, Chad Mathews at The Bare Bones Film Festival; Adam Hampton at the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase) to Best Director (Austin Indie Flicks Showcase) to Best Ensemble Cast (Action on Film Festival) to Best Writing (Red Dirt Film Festival) and Best Screenplay (Austin Indie Flix Showcase). It won the “Ford Austin Best Cinematography Award” (Jason Alexander, The Bare Bones Film Festival) and was awarded the “Best Film/Music-Focused Movie” at the Bare Bones Film Festival.

We shot this award-winning pilot episode with no money, besides what we could scrape together out of our own paychecks, and now we need help to keep the series going.

The primary purpose of the funds raised will be focus on the professional completion of post-production audio for the three upcoming episodes. Episode two is currently in post-production with anticipation of episodes three and four to be filmed in early 2015. Outsiders Productions subsequently plans on releasing these four episodes online once they are all completed to build anticipation for the following eight episodes.

We are asking for $3,000 dollars to complete audio work and post-production to finish the first act of this underdog epic.

Outsiders Productions has been on Kickstarter before; some four years ago we launched a fund-raiser for our full-length feature, “The Unusual (Calling of) Charlie Christmas.” Thanks to your support, we were able to finish “Charlie” and have since played across the country on the film festival circuit, picking up awards, contacts, and fans. Because of the support we received on our previous campaign, we had a successful run with Charlie. With your help, we were able to finish what we started.

Now we are setting out on an even more ambitious project – a 12 episode dramedy web series.

Any money that we receive above our goal of $3,000 – should we receive it – will go to marketing, promotion, film festival fees, and production of future “Rough Cut” episodes.

Thank you for your help!

Risks and challenges

This is a major challenge – the pilot episode is an hour-long and the episodes will run 45 minutes each – and we are ready for it. We’re using every connection we have, every opportunity we can grasp, to complete the project. But quality post-production sound work is something we can’t compromise and it isn’t cheap; a great story or solid performances mean nothing if the audio is ineffective or poorly done. With your help, we can complete the first four episodes and have them available online to watch even as we’re pushing forward with the rest of the story.

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