When I was young everything was magic. I loved change. Discovering new places. Making new friends (though that part came super hard). Trying new foods. Hearing new songs. Everything was magic.

When I was little I would lay on the ground and watch the clouds float by and if I looked at them just right I swear I could feel the whole earth move. I know now I was just disoriented but it was magic back then.

I miss the magic. I know it’s something missing inside of me. Maybe responsibility killed it. Maybe it’s the wisdom and knowledge we find. Maybe it’s just an aging body.

Last night my daughter came in a bit late having been to a concert with her dad. I was in bed asleep when she walked in. “There it is” I said sleepily to myself. Magic just walked in the door.

And she is magic. Truly. The way she’s learning and growing. Her laughter and her smile. It never fails to catch me off guard. I never find myself taking her for granted. I can’t wait to see where that magic takes her and what she does with it.

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