There are moments that change your life forever. Several moments actually if you live for a good amount of time. Opportunities will come and go. You’ll have to be strong enough to survive some of them. You’ll have to give each decision its day in court. Not everything will come down to how intelligent you…


Written for a friend of mine.  May your wife rest in peace. This city full of life Grew much quieter The day you left You were my wife My sole proprietor Now I am bereft Left to wander Day to day to day As months pass I sit here alone Each day I squander With…


Steps were heavy Growing heavier Taking more effort Making her slower A shaking began More of a tremor With each footfall Was a tidal wave Of fluid motion Her years kept her Clung to her bones And held her tight She was caught Underneath gravity Sink ing deeper Into the ground Becoming The ground


She fought the fight gone Energy lost to the fading Slow stepping beats Like a labored dragging Only time remains Erratic in its spinning And rigidity laces Around bones bracing Cover her in sand And set a fire blazing Death in a kiln A tribute everlasting


I hide in the corner Under cobwebs As demons swarm The summer night I watch them As they sing off key A sinister lullaby And steal fire From candlelight And like magic Other universes Appear in misty Shadows dancing On the lawn A final party In this final hour Has finally begun  


When you are dead You don’t care That blemish Just a blemish Your weight Just a number The gossip Just stories The haters Just puppets When you are dead The dreams Are just movies The hopes Just a waste of time The work Just distraction When you are dead If you could wish And you…


Beginnings are sneaky You can avoid them But the chaos finds ways To wrap them up Disguising them in nerves And butterflies And swimming thoughts Lacing them in hopes And icing them with dreams But underneath everything They hide nasty secrets Covered so cleverly In sparkles and glitter Ribbons and bows It is hard to…