I wish we didn’t need sleep but we do. I’m starting to feel age creeping into my bones and my brain and now more than ever I’m realizing how important a clear and stable mind sleep is. Brittle bones Trapped In a bag of flesh Fat dissolving Organs hardening Brain short Short Short-circuiting Life deteriorating…


Steps were heavy Growing heavier Taking more effort Making her slower A shaking began More of a tremor With each footfall Was a tidal wave Of fluid motion Her years kept her Clung to her bones And held her tight She was caught Underneath gravity Sink ing deeper Into the ground Becoming The ground


She fought the fight gone Energy lost to the fading Slow stepping beats Like a labored dragging Only time remains Erratic in its spinning And rigidity laces Around bones bracing Cover her in sand And set a fire blazing Death in a kiln A tribute everlasting


OK…so….John started this after reading something one of us wrote on twitter.  I am not sure what it was now; but it was funny….it was…really….I think.  Anyway, this poem reminds me of this picture I took being silly at a 1920’s party.  This is for everyone who gets tired of seeing me post vanity pics…