The world is speeding A blurry comet streaking A surface full of ghosts Wondering dazed in a fog Give me this day our… What are the words? The prayer we used to say When all went wrong? He’s got the whole world In the palm of his hand And he’s bouncing it Banking it off…


Kids can be super picky eaters. Mine was no exception. She’s grateful though because she knows we live in a land of plenty. Even if she doesn’t love it she learned early to say thank you. And she actually LOVES Brussels. It’s the way her nose scrunches up When she doesn’t like the menu How…


The view forward is open Not a skinny narrow way But a wide open world So many paths, a maze So I let all the hope in And I pick the perfect day Feeling the horizon pull Absorbing the path, I gaze I stick up my stubborn chin “This is my choice” I say Maybe…


It isn’t a joke, I whisper The tears you see Are a part of me A churning sea A steady roar Filled to capacity Waves of brine Crashing inside me Knocking my ribs Tearing at stability I am a boat, I whisper And what you see Is the storm trying To break free I’m a…


It’s a curse to feel it all The heart aching words The eye kicking looks Like a tide turning pulse Racing like falling stars Across my universe The sky wants to fall Full of ice sharpened birds With piercing claw hooks And a needling impulse To open up these scars Yet again, I’m immersed


It wasn’t a castle But it was his castle I wasn’t a servent But I felt like one Obedience worn As decades fell And it was those My years of life Screaming at me Forever hoping I’d be worth More than that X marks the spot So much lost Beneath my feet


The world can be dark Even though there is sun It can be cold and sad Even with birds singing You can have plenty Want for nothing And desire most To give it all away Because even stuff Deserves more Than to be stuck In a world of despair With you


The big iron gate Used to swing Easy on its hinges It was beautiful With a purpose An entrance to behold It was cared for And needed by many It belonged And it was useful One day it creaked Rust was setting in People found it irritating And stopped coming by Caretakers left Found new…


It rests upon me A silent partner Waiting to choke The life out of me The part of the dark Reaching out The part of pain Leaving a mark It is the thudding Sitting in my chest It is the breaking in It is the flooding It is the taking over