Sometimes you just have to stand back, take a few big breaths, and refocus on the world around you. I think sometimes everything feels too tight, too set, too closed in. Feelings of being penned into a corner, and like there are only a few choices can be stifling.

The world is so big. So full of places and people. So many opportunities. The only thing that holds most people back is the fear of losing what they’ve already gained but sometimes you really have to let go of those gains in order to grab the next moment.

There is not enough time allotted to us to spend on wishes. Trade your wishes in for courage and step.

12 thoughts on “STANDING BACK

  1. Today
    I woke up today with prayer, then started my day. I like to keep each day as peaceful as possible with no stressful routines. The sunrise and sunsets are never the same. The oceans waves are never the same.
    It’s horrible how a routine can create tunnel vision,making the most intellectual human beings miss out what god created out of love.

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