Arthur at PouringMyArtOut is still busy trying to break an record by reaching an unknown amount of comments on his ***comment here*** blog.  If you don’t know Arthur he is always thinking…always dreaming. Help him make his dream come true by clinking on the link above and helping him.

The poem below is yet another poem we wrote while boosting his comments.  More of a silly dialog stream than a poem but still fun.


Written by Arthur Browne and HastyWords

You feel up for more

Or have I worn you out?

Can you feel your breath shallow

Or is it heavy and stout?

Do you think anyone cares

What we think about?

Or do you think they are waiting

For us to shout?


I think that a few of them actually care

They watch us as our souls we bare

When we take on the world’s dare

And write a poem as a pair

With style and excessive flair

We dance with words beyond compare

We squint into the rising glare

As all my minions throughout the lair

Rise from their toils of quiet despair

And watch as from our hearts we tear

A tale to lead them they know not where


You may be right, you usually are

It is what makes you a blogging star

Your minions come from near and far

Just to get a small taste of who you are

As for me, I am not so sure

My blogging seems like such a blur

I use pictures I create as a lure

But once one visits, they pray for a cure

However different we are though

No matter how high or how low

We seem to seriously bestow

Our lives into a community that grows


As long as we are having fun

And shining brighter than the sun

This is a game that’s never done

A blogger’s work is never done

All that we can really do

Is to ourselves always be true

Whether people cheer or boo

I will try to think of something new

And keep on shooting for the stars

It’s cheaper than hanging around in bars.


Hmmmm I might like hanging in bars

Or camp town racing in cars

But that is neither here nor there

I think I understand your flare

It is something few of us dare

It is called being completely bare

And not minding how many swear

Wouldn’t it be ironic, dear Mr Art

If this poem here, was only the very start

Of a much longer poem, a small little part

Of the most gigantic poem written inside

The longest comment section world wide

Maybe you could even dare to dream

To have the biggest blogging team

With the coolest and talked about theme


I’m just trying to bump my stats

And drive you all a little bats

I know this isn’t my best idea

More like typing verbal diarrhea…


Well bumping your stats is ok I guess

But there are a few things I must confess

I happen to think you are already a success

I know you know I tend to be a bit of a mess

And on stats I never had time to obsess

But if I did it would only lead to stress

But for all my following readers I am blessed

Did you know, because I just saw

I lack 200 to reach 10,000 ya all?


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