Written by Alex Hicks and HastyWords

I catch you looking at me

A smile graces my face

I am surprised at your notice

As my mind begins to race


I start to tremble

As you walk my way

My legs say to run and hide

But my heart says to stay.


A pleasant panic rises

Subsiding in waves of time

As your eyes settle

Into the depths of mine


The music’s getting louder

As we begin to dance

A feeling of elation

Amidst the air of romance.


No words are exchanged

Just a rhythmical force

Guiding our hips in time

Driving our minds off course


In this rhythmic dance

As we bow and we sway

I have you to thank

For feeling this way


The music softens

And begins to fade too fast

But our movement continues

I have finally found you at last


5 thoughts on “RHYTHMIC MOTION

  1. Ok is that wig really multicolored like that? That’s what you’re wearing when you go with Grimm to get a tattoo lol …and you know, you’re poetry is so moving, I don’t know if you realize how unique it is.


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